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Senior Analyst at Research Institute of European and American Studies (RIEAS). He was born and raised in Athens while he has spent more than eight years studying and working in London. 

Mr Giannoulis holds a BA (Hon) from University College London, School of Slavonic and East European Studies with a specialisation on Russian Foreign and Security Policy. He earned a hands-on PG diploma in Journalism from the London School of Journalism and has recently completed his MA at King’s College London with a focus on Intelligence. His MA dissertation focused on the importance of strategic foresight in the preservation of national security. Besides his major studies Mr Giannoulis has attended various special courses and seminars in the UK, Greece, Russia and Israel including Central Asian politics, Energy Security, Project Management, Russian Foreign Policy and National Security.

Mr Giannoulis has more than six years research experience mainly on Russia and Eurasia in both London (Chatham House) and Athens (IDIS) and in Security and Terrorism in London and Israel both for the commercial as well as research sectors. He has participated in government-supported projects and has contributed to studies for government clients in Greece while he has also worked as an external contributor for a City-based research and analysis company in the UK. 

His current research interests include intelligence and national security theory and practice, Eurasian security affairs, in specific Russia and CIS and relations between Iran, Israel, Turkey and Greece and theoretical domains including national security and intelligence ethics, the theory of double anarchy and national security and national security constructivism in the post-Westphalian international order.

Mr Giannoulis is currently an MPhil/PhD applicant to the University of London. His proposed thesis will deal with an ethical framework of National Security and Intelligence Ethics both in theory and practice and a critical examination of a constructivist in nature international security based on double anarchy theory. He speaks Greek, English and Russian languages.   

Research publications include:
Various Articles and Analyses published online on www.rieas.org
“Islamic Radicalization in Greece”, The Islamic Radicalization Index, ICT, ict.org.il: Summer 2011
“Russian Military Reform: Balancing Reality and Doctrine”, ceregreece.org:                     
“Russian Defence Policy in the 21st Century”, Hellenic Defence Review, No. 53: 10/2006
“Caucasus: Russia’s soft underbelly”, Chapter contribution to a study for the Greek MoD
Over 60 articles and analyses published online for CERE/IDIS




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