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BG (ret) Ioannis Galatas MD, RIEAS-CBRNE Scientific Coordinator

Usually we develop and implement strategies and systems addressing the threats of today while terrorists are planning the threats of tomorrow. Although much of our attention has historically been focused on conventional threats, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (CBRNE) threats have recently come to the forefront of global security and consequently are of relevance to Greece as well.

We continue to grapple on how to address this complex threat due to the uncertainty associated with the risk - we do know that the impact of a significant CBRNE event would be devastating - especially in urban/megapolis environment, but what is the actual probability of such an event? CBRNE threat transforms the way in which we must think about protecting Greece. Effective security planning and crisis management requires a coordinated effort among involved stakeholders to leverage resources and expertise in order to achieve synergies in managing the CBRNE threat.

For all the reasons above, we at RIEAS, decided to introduce "CBRNE-Terrorism Newsletter" (in .pdf format). "CBRNE-Terrorism Newsletter" will focus on most recent research in CBRNE threats, planning and countermeasures, management and mitigation trends and will provide food for thoughts and, why not, new ideas and proposals for the common cause: fighting real terrorism and the sick idealism that represents. In that respect we must always have in mind that: "They have to be lucky all the time. We have to be lucky only once!"*

* Statement of an IRA member following the unsuccessful attempt to murder former UK PM Margaret Thatcher.


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