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mantzikosSenior Analyst in the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS). He is a PhD Candidate at the University of Free State in South Africa, specializing in radical threats south of Sahara. Prior to Free State, he spent two years as a visiting research student at King’s College London and concluded his M.A. Thesis at SOAS University of London. He also holds a Bachelors Degree in Politics from the University of Athens.

He is currently a Research Associate at the Think Tank for Research on Islam in Africa in Israel and an external assistant at Shield Analysis LLC in Virginia United States. He was also a Research Director at the Hellenic African Chamber for Development in Athens Greece and an Editorial Assistant for Pespectives on Terrorism.

He has spent the last two years researching for a book on Al-Qaeda’s transformation in the Middle East and North Africa with Professor Denise Baken of George Mason University while he is also contributing for leading Greek and worldwide media outlets such as CNN, Estia Newspaper, at NEA and others.

Within RIEAS auspices, he starts heading the National PhD Thesis Network of Terrorism Researchers in collaboration with Terrorism Research Initiative.

His recent publications are:

1. With Denise N. Baken, Al Qaeda: The Transformation of Terrorism in the Middle East and North Africa (Praeger Security International) forthcoming– July 31, 2015
2. Boko Haram, An Anatomy of a Crisis (ed.), e-International Relations Website, (e-book) October 2013, Bristol UK

1) Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria and Neighbouring Countries: A Chronology of Attacks, Perspectives on Terrorism, Vol 8, No 6 (2014)
2) With Denise Baken, The cyber terrorism shadow networks in Africa : AQIM and Boko Haram, Africa Rennaisance, Vol 9, No 1, (2012) pp, 27-45
3) Somalia and Yemen: The Links between Terrorism and State Failure, Digest of Middle East Studies, Volume 20, Issue 2, pages 242–260, Fall 2011
4) The International Community’s Role in the Radicalization of Islamist Politics in Somalia, 1992 to 1995: The Creation of the Security Dilemma, Mediterranean Quarterly, Volume 23, Number 2: 77-94, (2012)
5) Why the Islamic Revolution Ended: The Regional Politics of Sudan since 1989, Mediterranean Quarterly, Volume 21, Number 3: 47-60, (2010)
6) The Absence of the State in Northern Nigeria, African Renaissance, Vol 7, No 1, (2010 ), pp57-62

Book Reviews:
1. Mantzikos, I, Joining and Betraying Al-Qaeda: A How to guide, Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister, Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA, War on The Rocks, 18 November,2014
2. Mantzikos, I, The Round Table, 2011, Vol.100(412), p.97-115
3. Mantzikos I, Africa's Islamic Experience: history, culture, and politics edited by A. A. Mazrui, P. M. Dikirr, R. Ostergard Jr., M. Toler and P. Macharia, The Journal of Modern African Studies, Volume 49, Issue 01,March 2011, pp 177-178
4. Mantzikos, Ioannis, Un Peacekeeping in Civil Wars, African Studies Quarterly › Vol. 12 Nbr. 2, January 2011
5. Mantzikos I, , Sudan in Turmoil: Hassan al-Turabi and the Islamist state by J. Millard Burr and Robert O. Collins , The Journal of Modern African Studies, Volume 48, Issue 04, 2010
6. Mantzikos I, Understanding Somalia and Somaliland by Ioan Lewis; Mark Bradbury, Becoming Somaliland, African Affairs, Vol 109, No 437, 2010

Other Publications:
1. With Tim Lister, Add this to Greece's list of problems: It's an emerging hub for terrorists, CNN, 26 January, 2015
2. Piracy in Africa, Just get going? Africa Arguments, 19 December 2014
3. Khorasan Group, A U.S.-Iranian Trade off?, Geopolitical Monitor, 30 October 2014
4. Boko Haram and ISIS, Two Sides of the Same Coin?, Africa Defence Review, 27 October, 2014
5. The UK Stance on Boko Haram, Council of Foreign Relations, Africa in Transition Blog, 19 May, 2014
6. Ron Paul and Africa, On Odd Couple, Africa at LSE blog, February 12, 2012
7. Reflections on Recent Elections in Africa, E-International Relations: http://www.e-ir.info/?author=975


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