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turkey121Assoc. Prof. Mahmut Cengiz
(Senior researcher at Centre for Regional Studies of Global Policy and Strategy Institute. Currently, he is also a research scholar at Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center (TraCCC) at George Mason University. He is a leading expert on transnational crime, corruption, terrorism, money laundering, and terrorist financing as well as human trafficking and smuggling of nuclear materials with a particular focus on the Middle East. He specializes on the relationship between crime and conflict in peacekeeping missions. He is also a security expert on policies related to crime and terror issues)

Copyright: http://globalinitiative.net/how-organized-crime-and-terror-are-linked-to-oil-smuggling-along-turkeys-borders/

Oil smuggling is a lucrative financial source for organized crime and terrorist groups and an example of how demand for cheaper oil creates opportunities for criminals and terrorists in Turkey. The country’s high taxes, its proximity to neighboring countries with cheaper oil prices, difficult controlling its borders and harbors and endemic corruption are the main factors that lead to oil smuggling in Turkey. Read more


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