Currently, there are six EU member states flying flags bearing the sign of the Cross: the UK, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, and Malta. There is no firm information on how these other countries, aside from Greece, are responding to "religion-free" symbols. Among the six, Sweden appears to be rather neutral toward the EU demand and, most likely, could eventually move away from her current flag. Attempts to do the same in the UK would almost certainly face stiff opposition, not so much on "religious" grounds as on anti-European federalism ones; the British remain among the least friendly toward a European "super state" and attempts by the (unelected) European Commission to force rules and decrees down everybody's throat.

Removing the sign of the Cross from our flag, and the rest of those that currently bear it, is a crippling mistake not because the Christian religion will be offended but because we passively accept to conform with the demands of mainly Muslim fundamentalism and its politically correct local fellow travelers. It is really extraordinary to even discuss such a hugely symbolic move under a self-imposed urgency not to "offend" ... who? The swarms of illegal Asian and African immigrants currently inundating our shores? Other nations who have belatedly discovered that the presence of Christian symbols as part of one's national colors is an offense to their sensitivities? Our indigenous "human rights" professional advocates, who have made their life's purpose to berate, harangue, and insult their own countries every step of the way, always in defense of "rights" that are not automatically proffered and must be won through allegiance, integration and practice?

The rush to defeat "chauvinistic" standards on the part of "nationalism-free" fighters for justice, as defined, of course, by dilettante internationalism and promoted by the ubiquitous liberal "non-government organizations" that propel very specific political agendas, is deeply cynical and utterly politicized.

In Greece, already suffering from more than a million illegal immigrant residents, the good fight of stripping away symbols of the Hellenic independent state is spear-headed by a vociferous minority of lukewarm "liberals" and other self-professed "socialists," all of whom keep their eyes fixed on the ballot box. Between laws and ministerial decrees naturalizing thousands of illegals at a scoop, and "enlightened" politicos pushing for an amorphous, lumpy "society," where illegal entrants are seen as potential political party customers, we arrive at a very thorough, long term "project" to "internationalize" Greek society and create a country of "fully protected" minorities -- where the strongest will comprise the "new wave" and the weakest whatever leftover "natives" are brave enough to hang in there, surrounded by a "multicultural tapestry of happy people."

Sources insist that the current government is "convinced" the removal of the Cross will meet minimal popular reaction -- and is pushing for accelerated "negotiations" with Brussels.

They may be right.

Or, they may be wrong.

In which case, there will be a contest that those who "started it" will bitterly regret for the rest of their political and natural lives.

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