Seventy years on, on October 28, 2010, Greece stood, this time hapless, frightened, desperate and confused, in the face of another enemy invasion. Aided and abetted by Turkey, a huge horde of largely Asian illegal immigrants is breaching the Greek eastern frontier and spreading throughout the mainland.

Greek border guards are overwhelmed. Turkish smugglers, acting under the cover of powerful criminal rings in direct cahoots with parts of the Turkish government, have established an invasion corridor that transfers whole regiments of human wretches out of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and several African countries straight through from the eastern accesses to Turkey to the Greek-Turkish border in Thrace.

The smugglers aren’t bothered by either the Turkish police or the powerful and ever-present Turkish army. They possess the “fluid” ease of movement that is irrefutable proof of collusion with those who are supposedly charged with controlling the maneuvering of this unstoppable mass of desperate humanity through the Anatolian landmass to reach the staging areas and thence to invade Greek territory, with the ultimate aim of penetrating the “core” EU countries.

The Papandreou government is next to passive in the face of this unprecedented onslaught that is already establishing the elements for destroying the homogeneity of Greek society and transforming Greece into a “cesspool state” destined to act as the septic tank for the rest of our “united” Europe.

Illegal immigration has belatedly attracted the attention of the “core” EU states and lukewarm attempts at tackling this burgeoning threat are in the offing.

This is of little consolation to Greece.

With an average 2,500 illegal immigrants crossing into its territory every week, we are past the point of discussing “alternative reception policies” and hobnobbing with “experts” from openly subversive “NGOs,” not to mention the various “ombudsmen,” “human rights committee” chairs, and “high representatives” of largely bankrupt “international institutions,” all gathered in conference to make severe assessments of Greece’s “non-compliance” with “accepted norms” and demand that we spent more (from non-existent funds) and intensify efforts to admit more and more “asylum seekers.”

We are in the midst of war.

This simple fact needs to be digested by the Greek government NOW!
War means extraordinary measures.

It does not mean going begging our “partners” for another dozen European border guards to come here and put their finger into the little tiny hole at the bottom of the breaching 800-foot tall dam as part of boutique “assistance” to this country.

It does not mean shying away from mounting a true forward defense, complete with the full mobilization of the Greek armed forces, the emergency expansion of existing fortifications and natural obstacles, and the use of force whenever need dictates it.

It does not mean gurgling during “summit meetings” with Erdogan and beaming before the cameras because, guess what, the Turkish prime minister -- shrewd, determined, and with a plan -- just told us he promises he will “work” on a “repatriation” scheme to alleviate the cross-border “problem.”

War means mobilizing on your own and manning the defenses to do what it takes to stop the enemy.

That this huge horde of human wretches is being manipulated as part of a strategic Turkish play to destabilize Greece, put pressure on Europe, and demonstrate Turkey’s ability to shift regional dynamics is beyond doubt.

What IS in doubt is the backbone and determination of the Papandreou government to take the initiative and demonstrate via deeds and not empty words that this country will defend against the invasion to the last.

As we speak, the center of Athens is imploding into a state of filth, crime, prostitution, drug trafficking, and increasing violence.

As we speak, the downtown Athens ghetto, constantly fed by new Afro-Asian arrivals, is slowly pushing its outer rims toward surrounding boroughs -- and lies only a few city blocks from parliament building, the house of Greek “democracy,” on Constitution square.

As we speak, imported crime is busting past all l records while Greek law enforcement lingers with underpaid, under-trained, outgunned and unmotivated officers.

The war is here.

Hiding in the bathroom, or launching into yet another whirlwind of “international consultation” -- the most prominent of the aimless ‘skills’ of the current Greek prime minister -- won’t chase the baddies away nor would they convince Turkey the invasion cannot continue.

Who will take charge?


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