His government, despite being manned by prominent caricatures of both older and newer cut, has succeeded in imposing the most brutal, bone-crushing austerity on Greece without, really, any major popular upheaval.

Greece’s foreign creditors are understandably happy with an administration which, in semi-quisling manner, agrees to amputate its own country in a way that capsizes it for generations to come in order to extract as much booty as possible from workers and pensioners so that the banks receive their pound of flesh, the survival of il popolo be damned.

Papandreou has been declared “their man in Athens” and has even received prizes from Greece’s creditors for drawing and quartering his own people in the town square with a coolness that would have put good old Uncle Joseph (Stalin) to shame.

But, still, this seemingly armor-plated PM sees a reason to announce he won’t tolerate a “loss” in the municipal and county elections and will take the country to an early ballot....

... without defining what would constitute “loss” and without bothering to explain why an election for mayors and county governors could scuttle the results of a still fresh, victorious general election...

... and with an opposition in complete disarray and barely attracting massive support because of the government’s genocidal cruelty.

Our explanation is simple.

The armor-plated PM has just realized that the ceiling of his own towering incompetence is only inches from the top of his own head.

A creature spawned by Greece’s deformed, mentally retarded “political system” founded on the rotation of famiglias into power, and nurtured by an inbred mob of politicos and their bottom-feeding sidekicks, Papandreou has been overwhelmed by the massiveness of the calamity that has befallen us -- and which would have crushed instantly men of infinitely greater skill and commitment than his.

His early election “threat,” expressed recently in a nationally televised interview, came simply to confirm that his non-existent “plan” one step from formal default has run aground; his fear of ending up the “prime minister of bankruptcy” is swelling; and his breath-stopping incompetence is choking his “determination” to save us by killing us.

Papandreou -- “their man” -- has run out of steam sooner than his foreign fans originally estimated.

And in a stumble of his tongue that revealed his true colors, Papandreou warned recently that those who will exercise their democratic right of casting a vote against his government’s candidates are guilty of “undermining” democracy and the country as a whole!

Free elections, according to our prime minister, are hazardous to democracy’s health.

In any case, he and his “government” may linger for a while... but the chute is already extended and waiting, ready and well oiled to receive our “socialists,” their laptop-totting, Marathon-running, kayak-practicing PM going first.

They will depart. Today or tomorrow. Very soon.

And as they will disperse far and wide in foreign lands and cozy villas, numbered accounts bursting with loot, and limos waiting next to the Learjet, we will be left to shift through the ruins.

As usual.

On to coalition governments ... and another impasse!








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