Greece, it seems, many foreign watchers have come to believe, has expended eight-and-a-half of her nine lives… while the clock ticks relentlessly.

These observers realize by a mere perusal of what is available online that the current Greek “government” is all but non-existent, and surviving barely because of the continuing resignation of large swaths of the Greek population under the brutal, catastrophic blows from the IMF, the EU, and the IBU (the International Brotherhood of Usurers a.k.a. “the markets”).

How did we end up in this disastrous predicament?

In the post-1974 years, after the collapse of the junta, Greece came under another form of quasi-dictatorship, which took shape around three crooked political clans and two “leading” political organizations (better though identified as private brigades masqueraded as “democratic political parties,” one “conservative,” the other “socialist”). Add to this concoction a healthy dose of bitter political infighting over turf, and the privilege of manipulating corruption as the formal instrument of domestic politics, and you get a pretty sharp picture of the whole Greek scheme.

Inbred systems, constantly recycling the same damaged and substandard goods, have failed throughout history to produce leaders and leadership.

Right now, Greece experiences the extreme impacts of the worst stage of exactly such an inbred, distorted, alien, and deeply dysfunctional system upon the business of governance.

In the years since the collapse of the junta, Greek politicians practically without exception joined in a competition to dismantle the “conservative” and thus “backward” Greek past (which included all of the Nation’s founding traditions, cultural antecedents, and sense of identity); to often re-write our history by deliberately erasing the sacrifices of successive generations of Greeks in the battlefield because defending one’s own by force of arms is politically in-correct; to treat with distain those who still dared express opposition to the ascendancy of a lukewarm, spineless, and catastrophically a-historic generation of colorblind “gender neutral progressives” aping “modern” European “norms and dictates” based on imported “universal human rights;” and to persecute without respite all those who disagreed with “equality” imposed through destruction of merit, defamation of all individuals who showed promise outside the circus of politicking and partisan infighting, and the systematic purging of anyone who dared oppose such practices by arguing the need for real politics versus the horror of the cross-eyed Greek puppeteer “democracy.”

It is now obvious that nearly forty years of such relentless hammering of what would have been Greece’s “best and brightest” has caused irreparable damage to the gene pool as well as those social, educational, cultural, and political norms and processes that underlie the germination of leaders.

In short, Greece has neither the practical innards nor the raw materials for establishing, growing, and projecting leadership, especially under an Armageddon emergency like the one that has struck since early last year.

Under the circumstances, and with the Papandreou regime riding dead in water under the relentless pummeling by Germany and Greece’s “international friends and partners,” Greece is in dire need of a political solution.

Coalition administrations, “national unity” governments, more “democratic” elections, and all the rest of the rabbits in the hat of our jester “republic” just won’t do in the face of the utter bankruptcy of the country’s political parties and our usual individual “saviors.”

The only dim hope for this country is for a “velvet revolution” to rise in order to clean the decks and send political clans, “party networks,” corruption rings, and the current criminal amateurs, who have already mortgaged the country’s future for generation to come, straight into the sea.

Will the people of Greece muster the courage of the peoples of Egypt, Tunisia, and so many other countries in the Middle East to take their fortunes into their own hands to kick out the thieves, crooks, and manipulators and defeat the foreign occupation enshrined in the economic death “memorandum” imposed on Greece by the EU and the IMF?

This is a question that remains to be answered.

And it better be answered before it is too late for this hapless country.

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