Manolis Kantaris was 44 years old and he died in a pool of his own blood in front of the building where his family apartment is located. For months now, newspapers reported, he was trying to sell this apartment and move his family away from the center of Athens fearing trouble because of the advancing ghettoization of the old city center.

Kantaris, like the rest of the dwindling number of Greek neighborhood residents, was concerned at the virtual takeover of his living space by dark-skinned illegal immigrants originating in some of the worst feral lands of this planet located in Africa and Asia. For years now, with Greek governments turning a blind eye, throngs of such uninvited, undocumented, desperate, and increasingly hostile intruders from the bottom of the pit have been laying siege on the heart of the Greek capital.

In the wake of Kantaris’s vicious killing (he was found with ‘prominently violent’ stab wounds to the neck, shoulder, and back,) extreme right-wing groups descended on the neighborhood to extract revenge.

Scores of immigrants were caught in the rampage. The extremists spared no effort to chase and club down anyone who remotely appeared Afro-Asian. On one occasion, they stopped a bus and forced immigrant passengers onto the street to kick, slap, and bludgeon. On others, they invaded apartments occupied by immigrants and sacked shops owned by non-Greeks. A young Bangladeshi man was knifed and died, although police have yet to formally connect his murder to the outbreak of extremist violence.

Some Greeks were also caught in this rain of blows. Television news relayed stories of unsuspecting locals being set upon by groups of raging nationalists and pummeled to near extinction because they look “dark.”

Greece has thus joined the rest of the European countries with a rapidly boiling “race” crisis emerging from uncontrollable flows of illegal, and fiercely unwanted by the overwhelming majority of the population, Muslim immigrants.

In our case, the spark was Kantaris’s murder. And our Greek powder keg is now on delayed fuse as it inexorably approaches detonation.

Greece’s predicament does show similarities to that of other European countries but with significant and highly disturbing exceptions, as follows:

1)   Currently in the middle of an unprecedented, devastating economic crisis, and under the jackboot of outside “saviors” like the IMF and the EU, Greece’s very existence as an organized society has been put in question by the total economic war declared against troubled nations by the “Markets.” Brutal austerity, promoted by the Papandreou regime is servile and country-killing cooperation with the “saviors,” has wrecked the domestic economy, or what was left of it, and is impoverishing millions of Greek families with no prospect of relief in sight. Although large scale social unrest has been avoided so far thanks to deeply rooted fatalism, and the utter confusion paralyzing the country under the non-stop hammering from our genocidal “saviors,” the moment the pressure cooker will explode is rapidly approaching now that a new set of “additional measures” is demanded by Greece’s laptop-and-spreadsheet occupiers. This is the best possible “climate” for a massive backlash against the illegal immigrants developing so rapidly that Greece’s current inane governors wouldn’t know what hit them when it erupts.

2)   Indiscriminate budget slashing, cold bloodedly perpetrated by the Papandreou regime, has undermined the country’s law enforcement and has robbed police of vital funding for training and equipment. While the regime unleashes counter-riot police battalions against peaceful protesters demonstrating against the destruction of their livelihoods, with orders to crush them with clubs and tear gas, it does next to nothing to police the center of Athens and clean up the cesspool of illegal immigrant drug pushers, pimps, prostitutes, fences, smugglers, tribal thugs, and violent criminals who have taken possession of a large swath of the Greek capital and transformed it into an alien wasteland in the very heart of the country.

3)   The invading horde of illegal immigrants occupying downtown is almost exclusively Muslim. The Greek state appears completely ignorant of the make-up of this mob and/or its particular priorities in light of the expanding fanatic Islamic threat in Europe and elsewhere. Foreign intelligence organizations have repeatedly expressed concern that Greece’s constantly expanding pool of undocumented Muslims could be the fertile environment nurturing underground jihadists and other potential terrorists lying in wait. This hypothesis is about to be tested in practice much sooner than the bankrupt Greek political class thought would be possible. With the nationalist backlash against migrants currently evolving, what better opportunity for terrorist provocateurs to stage a bloody attack against their own and thus trigger a generalized violent riot against unwilling (and infidel) host Greece?

4)   The implications of such a detonator maneuver are bloodcurdling, to say the least. The suicide bomber, the ever ready tool of fanatic Islam, is one option in-country conspirators and some of Greece’s “friendly” neighbors may choose to deploy during the first phase of a major destabilization campaign. The incentive to do something as radical and aggressive as cranking up the human missiles, and sending them to kill and maim, is already there and waiting for the appropriate turn key. The planners have precedent on their side. In December 2008, the then conservative government stood an idle spectator as an enormous civil riot developed in Athens and other Greek cities following the shooting death of a 16-year old by a rogue policeman. The December riots, with illegal immigrants playing a key but unreported role within the rampaging, looting mobs, were the definitive test of Greek official resolve. Those interested to follow up with another such mass insurrection have no doubt taken notice of the then Greek government running scared to hide under the table and studied the December 2008 lessons closely.

Despite the drums of war already rumbling, the Papandreou regime, stands true to its impeccable, politically-and-NGO correct record of mind-boggling distance from mobilizing against true internal security threats.

The regime is completely deaf, dumb, and blind to the need to develop a zero tolerance strategy against illegal immigration overnight, complete with maximum preemptive measures and remains in baffled disarray.

Outside observers are increasingly nervous regarding the possibility of a sudden violent blowout at the very doorstep of the European Union, itself in deep slumber over the medium and longer term security implications of both illegal immigration and sleeper jihadism of the post al-Qaeda type.

Locally, our worst nightmare is a repeat of December 2008 in apocalyptic, religion-and-race-induced, larger form. This would be the preamble to broader destabilization, with the involvement of other potential outside actors waiting for the opportune moment to begin unorthodox operations against an increasingly emasculated, hesitant, confounded, and ultimately disintegrating Greek state.

And here’s a last, but certainly not least, reminder.

Because these days we are bombarded with nonstop vile nonsense about “recovery” and “growth” by treasonous propagandists, we need to keep in mind that deteriorating internal security defeats from the outset any, even distant, dream of an economic rebound.

You cannot carry on with “growth” and business as usual when your streets are burning, even if you try.



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