We are grateful that, with your inspired and determined “rescue,” you are pushing hordes of educated, younger and older, Greeks onto leaving our country so that a more “multicultural” model may take firm root.

We are elated that, at long last, hundreds of thousands of older pensioners, deprived of all means of survival thanks to the cuts instituted by our collaborator regime in tune with the orders from your Kommandantur, will be soon given the opportunity of a quiet, serene death so that the decks are cleared of all non-performing assets en route to our new found “competitiveness.”

We shudder with emotion when we hear you declare that “Greece can succeed in making its debt sustainable in the long term if it succeeds in both increasing growth and reducing its debt ratio.”  We, for the life of us, cannot understand why the overwhelming majority of international experts agree instead that a sovereign debt that would soon touch half a trillion euro is simply not sustainable.

And, yes, for the life of us, we do not understand how there are so many in this country who see no exit from the deep pit of your “rescue” because of an additional burden of 266 billion in “rescue” loans -- these very same that are dedicated to saving your banks and your economies from the waves of a euro crisis instead of saving Greece from the noose.

We applaud your chief ideologue Herr Schäuble when he warns us we need to take a severe cut to our national sovereignty as well if we want to be “rescued.” It is only fitting that such a condition is extended and accepted by the “rescued” in tune with practices that transpired not so many years ago, when the “rescue” was even more determined, involving displays of elegant and much welcome military power.

It is with tears of joy that we watch the congress of all the inspired leaders involved in our “rescue” haggle and jostle as they take the measuring of our country -- an admitted loafer, fraud, and deliberate liar -- so that she may better fit on Procrustis’s rack for the requisite experimental chopping off of her limps in pursuit of “consolidation.”

And we understand completely the vital essence of your Calvinist sermons on No Pain, No Gain and all the rest about the “work ethic” that needs to attend the “streamlining” and “rationalization” of our already lifeless domestic economy.

We berate ourselves when, in moments of weakness, we wonder why our esteemed European “union” has chosen this path to wild-eyed predatory capitalism that has been already demonstrated to lie at the root of the type of economic contagion that will eventually consume the entire global economy.

We put our head under the faucet to let ice-cold water pour over it so that we may shake ourselves out of the blasphemous thought of questioning the true benefits of selling off the family silver to private “investors” -- who have proved themselves, time and again, committed and loyal to their own profit-making interests only without much regard for the real costs to a society -- in order to pay loans negotiated by corrupt politicos, who now have no shame as they strut about as “saviors” themselves.

We condemn those among us who fear that Greece will succeed, in one fell swoop, in unhinging itself via the “rescue” to the degree of falling apart as an independent, sovereign country.

And we completely perceive that we would be undeserving of any pity on your part for harboring misgivings about the overall motivations of our “partners” in the “union” concerning the longer term prospects of the “periphery.”

Such is our predicament while we continue not to understand those who insist that self-flagellation and suicidal “policies” by a collaborator regime aren’t exactly the tools to salvation.

We thus thank you for our “rescue” from the depths of our heart.

We, at least, can see the true worth of self-sacrifice as we continue on the hard path to cleansing ourselves of all evil and “rationalizing” ourselves to soul-saving extinction.

And we now understand that not discovering our best feelings for you at this time is certainly the outcome of incompleteness on our part, not to mention our perverted ways of not completing the requisite penance as ordained.

But, in the end, let us rejoice because our crossing into the Kingdom of Heaven, for all the trials and tribulation, is guaranteed via your “rescue” and our “competitiveness.”

There can be no other way.


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