The days of last July, when a 21 pc writedown was being supposedly agreed upon, now comprise ancient, forgotten history courtesy of an expanding German folly. Adamantly locked into a goose-stepping moral crusade to make sloppy, decadent, perfidious borrowers like Greece pay with their (economic) blood, as a preamble of eventually paying with their real one, Berlin is threatening to cause a massive panic centered on such countries as Greece, Portugal, Spain and, even, France irrespective of outcome. Tense negotiations between Merkel and French president Sarkozy continue but so far there is no clue as what these talks may be bringing.

Meantime, the Papandreou regime, servile and obedient agent of the Troika, continues its death march with even more mad austerity being slapped on a population that is just one short step away from open rebellion. On October 20, a communist trade unionist became the first Killed In Action in the battle against the regime during a mass demonstration; the man fell victim to police chemical gas and suffered a fatal cardiac arrest. At the very moment emergency room doctors were attempting to resuscitate the dead father of two, the parliamentary mollusks surrounding Papandreou were clapping proudly and wildly as the regime’s finance minister, the voluminous Venizelos, was entering into the record his letter promising Lagarde Greece will continue its operation of removing her own viscera via austerity in order to satisfy lenders.

Greece, evermore guilty of “slippage” that does not allow her to achieve the “targets,” will now come under direct Reich control in the form of a “technical assistance” task force headed by a Reich commissar or, to remember the good old days, a Reichsprotektor. Indeed, Maria Fekter, the Austrian finance minister, whose country is not foreign to the good old days, drove the point home thus so that no questions remain: “Greek citizens must understand that the pain will not stop until the viability of public finances is restored…So long as Greece fails to put its house in order, the sacrifices, income loss and unemployment will simply continue to rise.”

With Papandreou and Venizelos simply sidelined by our European (read: German) “partners” as these lines are drawn, Greece is face to face with a New Occupation of indefinite duration. Crushed economically; with a society unraveling under the German revenge blitzkrieg; with a tottering collaborator government dealing the country blow after blow even as it is writhing in its death throes; with thousands of Greeks, young and old, leaving the country head over heels before the New Occupation assumes expressions that even the wildest imagination thought impossible in this day and age, the Greek people must decide when and not if resistance must begin.

The type, content, and means of this resistance will be quickly decided by the emerging disposition of the occupation forces and the diktats of the Reichsprotektor. Dark days lie ahead.
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