As Greece disintegrates into bankruptcy, and these swarms, unable to cross the border in order to rejoin the trail to Western Europe, become restive, the Greek government is called upon to deliver a comprehensive strategy of tackling the problem. The job is not only sealing the border and actively barring the invasion with all available means, it is also finding ways of dealing with those aliens who linger inside our borders -- and they number in the hundreds of thousands -- and making sure they do not become the breeding hosts of fundamentalist violence and a grand school for terrorists.

Successive Greek governments have applied to illegal immigration the familiar approach of all Greek government policy business: procrastinate, delay, evade, patch, and hope that the sky won’t fall on your head. Unfortunately, this “method” has been as successful with illegal immigration as with so many other pressing questions. Greece is now besieged by hordes of unwanted migrants, who are beginning to cause trouble in areas where their numbers are swelling. A quick walk through downtown Athens should be educational to those who preach for open borders: the center of the Greek capital has become a filthy ghetto packed with arrivals from every tribe and clan of Asia and Africa and with Greek authorities confined to the occasional police “sweep operation” and turning a blind eye to the destruction wrought upon previously safe and solidly Greek neighborhoods.

Despite poll data that shows a minimum 70 percent of Greeks perceiving illegal immigration as a threat; and despite an abundance of evidence that integration is not an option in a society already beleaguered by the collapse of the economy and national sovereignty, Greek “policy makers” continue to wallow in indecision and trying to square the circle vis-à-vis pressures from foreign “friends” and “partners” about the “human rights” of all these unwanted arrivals whom the “advanced” European countries would not touch even with a ten-foot pole.

We have repeatedly said that illegal immigration has ceased being a “humanitarian” problem a long time ago and has instead grown into a specific national security threat which must be met with the utmost urgency.

At a minimum, Greece should declare a unilateral departure from the so-called Dublin II Regulation,” designed by our West European “partners” with the sole purpose it seems of saddling Greece, a prisoner of her geography, with all the Afro-Asiatic throngs arriving through Turkey. In addition, Greece must take all necessary legislative steps to bar the naturalization of illegal immigrants and their offspring indefinitely (changes to the Greek nationality and naturalization code, brought about by the Papandreou regime, must be promptly rescinded as they literally throw the gates open to all comers without any scrutiny whatsoever).

The devastation of Greece by the demands of the new European Axis powers is progressing apace. Greeks must understand that the times of waiting for some mysterious cosmic power to assume the responsibility of their safety and well-being have passed irrevocably. Illegal immigration must be dealt with now and in as radical a manner as possible otherwise we should get ready for real trouble “on the ground” with all these uninvited “have-nots” -- on top of a social explosion fueled by the slow killing of the country via dead end austerity.
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