2.  The European Union has proved itself the worst medicine of all. With Germany leading the way, it imposed a suicidal austerity “recovery plan” on Hellas with the clear aim to destroy what was left of the economy and open the country to a fire sale with everything going at a pittance. The “plan” has succeeded entirely, paving the way for a minimum 50 years of man-killing poverty as the deciding measure of Greek existence.

3.  The laws of predatory casino capitalism controlling Greece’s nose dive “recovery” have opened the playing field wide to all sorts of invisible “transactions” between the Greek government and the lenders which often border on the maleficent; these “transactions” siphon off money Greece cannot afford straight into the pockets of “investors” hiding under multiple layers of banking and stock broker “confidentiality” and opaque, back room “deals” between Greek and foreign “partners.”

4.  Greek governments since 2009, by means of their total capitulation to and collaboration with the lenders, have completely lost their constitutional legitimacy and operate on conditions that could easily pass as emerging from a coup d’état  (don’t let ‘democratic’ elections, serving as smoke screen, deceive you as to the core political nature of Greece’s present governance).

5.  Few realize that the “rescue” plan sinks Greece deeper in debt by the day. All the “rescue” money go directly into the pockets of the lenders with the borrower (Greece) piling more debt by the day on top of an already unmanageable mountain of liabilities created by headlong borrowing over the last twenty years.

6.  Greece’s continuing participation in the eurozone is far from guaranteed despite constant statements to the contrary by the Samaras government. A majority in Europe now sees Greece as having received a stay of execution until after the US presidential election (November 6, 2012) with Germany having quietly agreed with Washington to keep Greece inside the union, until it is time for her to be sacrificed, so that undue global turbulence is avoided while the American election enters its final lap.

7.  An exit from the eurozone will translate into Greece getting stuck with enormous debts (in euro) from the “rescue” on top of her own sovereign debt that stubbornly refuses to retreat. A return to the drachma will be inevitable and the road after that will lead to unexplored territory of continuing suffering and impoverishment.

8.  The saddest part is that despite mounting evidence of malfeasance on the part of Greek politicians in “negotiating” with the lenders, none of those responsible will be prosecuted before a special tribunal charged to decide due punishment for our “saviors.” Again, the only losers are the Greek people.


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