reforms16Joseph Fitsanakis

(Before joining Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina, Dr. Fitsanakis built the Security and Intelligence Studies program at King University, where he also directed the King Institute for Security and Intelligence Studies. At Coastal, he teaches courses on national security, intelligence communications, intelligence analysis, intelligence operations, and espionage during the Cold War, among other subjects. Dr. Fitsanakis is also deputy director of the European Intelligence Academy and senior editor at, an ACI-indexed scholarly blog that is catalogued through the United States Library of Congress. Dr. Fitsanakis specializes in intelligence and national security with an emphasis on international espionage. He has taught and written extensively on intelligence policy and practice, intelligence history, communications interception, cyber espionage, and transnational criminal networks. His writings have been translated into several languages and referenced in media outlets including The Washington Post, BBC, ABC, NPR, Newsweek, The Guardian, Le Monde Diplomatique, and Wired).

Katelyn Hodges
(Managing Editor of the Security and Intelligence Studies Journal. She is currently at the University of Ulster , Jordanstown, UK. She is an Irish-American Scholar and a 2012 Ronald E. McNair Scholar)

Copyright: Research Institute for European and American Studies ( Publication Date: 16 April 2016,

Note: The article titled on "A Sense of Trust: Restoring Public Faith in Southern European and Balkan Intelligence Agencies in an Age of Austerity" is published in the Journal of Mediterranean and Balkan Intelligence (JMBI), Vol.1, No. 1, June 2013, ISSN: 2241-4991.

The prevailing view of the relationship between intelligence agencies and media outlets is one of antagonism and antipathy. Although there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this orthodox interpretation, it often overlooks the extraordinary degree to which these indispensible public institutions rely on each other in democratic political systems. Read more

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