next31Tassos Symeonides
(RIEAS Academic Advisor)

Copyright: Research Institute for European and American Studies ( – Publication date: 8 May 2016

The disgraceful fracas over the European Commission's proposal to grant visa-free travel to75 million Turks inside the Schengen area proves beyond any doubt the real worth of our European «leaders» beginning with no other than Germany's Frau Merkel.

With the European dis-Union on the verge of a ignominious retreat, no rational pundit -- or bookmaker for that matter -- would put the collective value of our present European «leadership group» above a few petty euro cents. The entire European mandarinate, led by the German chancellor, has simply cowered in the face of Turkey's government, the Islamist president Erdogan, threatening to unleash millions of unwanted Moslem illegal immigrants upon Europe unless Europe's «leaders» kowtow to Turkish demands. Subverted by the Four Ms -- Merkel's Moslems & Merkel's Madness -- that emerged in the summer of 2015, Europe is now prostrate before Erdogan's criminal whims and fundamentalist Islamic threats...Read more

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