grturk862Greek FM Dendias drops a mini bomb smack in the middle of Ankara

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The tense history of Greek-Turkish relations took an abrupt turn for the worse during a televised news conference involving the Greek and Turkish FMs following their meeting in Ankara on April 15, 2021.

With Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu listening in surprised disbelief, his Greek counterpart, Nikos Dendias, delivered a blow-by-blow list of Greek grievances, related to Turkey’s illegal and provocative maneuvers in the Aegean coupled with routine threats of war against her neighbor and NATO “ally.”

Addressing his Turkish counterpart as his “dear friend Mevlut,” Dendias coolly enumerated Turkey’s violations of international maritime law, her long history of warlike provocations in the Aegean, her using illegal immigration floods to blackmail Greece, and her standing threat of declaring war if Hellas chooses to extend its territorial waters from 6 to 12 miles, as it is her right under the 1982 UNCLOS, which Turkey refuses to sign.... Read more

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