graegean2Vasileios Valasakis
(Chairman of a financial Institution in the United Kingdom and holds an MA from Georgetown University in International Relations and National Security. He has also earned a Certificate in Terrorism and Counterterrorism from the University of St Andrews, UK)

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The Russian invasion in Ukraine provides Greece and Turkey with a unique opportunity to resolve their longstanding differences. A resolution that is to bring about benefits to the western alliance and promote stability in the Aegean and the Mediterranean. It is equally an opportunity for Greece to ferret out Turkey’s true willingness for a compromise solution. Turkey in turn, by compromising her maximalist position in the Aegean, soothes out further her turbulent relationship with the superpower .
The negative climate against the use of military force may prompt Turkey to take a step back from her maximalist claims in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean. This is an unexpected bestowal for Greece, who has limited options to exercise to counter Turkish claims . Greece’s two extreme policy options comprise Israelification, or compromise. Israelification implies militarisation of the Greek society to counter the Turkish threat. Militarisation entails creating and sustaining a society in arms. A society in arms provides negotiating chips to the political leadership to take a strong stance when confronting Turkey’s increasing demands. ... Read more

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