pbalanceRaagini Sharma
(RIEAS Senior Analyst, and Research Director, Indic Researchers Forum)

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Concept of Balance of Power

The Balance of Power per se is the parity of power between nation or group of nations with the competing nation or group of nations to ensure that the peace and stability is maintained as none of the entity becomes too powerful to force its will upon other. The balance of power refers to the distribution of power capabilities of rival states or alliances and a kind of check it offers so that a state of equilibrium is achieved and maintained in international system. The Balance of power is a central concept in neorealist theory.

States are the principal and unitary actors in the international system. It is logical and inherent nature of the Nation State to protect its sovereignty, safeguards its interests and work towards realization of vision of itself. The Balance of Power could be achieved by the State either to become an ally to a nation or a group of nations so as to garner equal or superior power as compared to the competing hostile nation or a group of nations. Another way of assuring the balance of power was to be working upon itself holistically to gain power to convincingly posture itself so that the competing nation(s) do not enforce their will on to it. This is a direct method that has been adopted by nation(s) to secure its sovereignty and survival. It involved the State to be spending heavily on military and weapons and be a contestant in an armament race.... Read more

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