rom7Leonardo Badea
(Romanian economist with a vast academic and financial experience. Starting with October 2019 he is Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Romania and Member of the Board. Between 2017 and 2019 he was President of the Romanian Financial Supervisory Authority and during 2016-2017 he was Chairman of the finance and budget committee of the Chamber of Deputies. Since 2006 he is vice-president of the General Association of Romanian Economists)

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Supported by investments, Romania's industry and agriculture, through existing capacities and competencies, can supplement EU imports from third countries, reducing costs, supply times and dependence on geopolitically and operationally risky areas.

The way forward for the economic development of Central and Eastern European countries in the current conditions of high uncertainty is difficult to define. It is true that the current overlapping crises have put pressure on macroeconomic and budgetary equilibria at global level. It is becoming increasingly clear that there are not only one-size-fits-all solutions to these challenges, although these solutions, which stem from international and European solidarity, play an important role, but it is still necessary for emerging countries to consider their own solutions, which can be applied locally and which can have a beneficial effect on the EU economy... Read more

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