day24By Glen Segell

(University of Cambridge, Visiting Professor and Research Fellow in the Department of Political Studies and Governance at the University of the Free State, South Africa. He is also Research Fellow at the Ezri Center for Iran & Gulf States Research, University of Haifa, Israel, and Editor of The Middle East Tracker and The London Security Policy Study. He is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Western Galilee College and serves as an Executive Advisory Board Member of the International Political Studies Association Research Committee on Armed Forces and Society. He holds the rank of Brigadier-General (Reserves) and is an expert for NATO STO)

Copyright: @ 2024 Research Institute for European and American Studies ( Publication date: 14 January 2024

Since the 7 October 2023 invasion of Israel by Hamas and Israel’s response the question at the fore of everyone’s agenda and minds is what will happy next. Some have used the expression “the day after.” However, in my opinion there isn’t going to be a gong and announcement that “the war is over.” So, the day after is an ongoing process that is currently underway. I call it the day before the day after because there will be no essential difference between the two..... Read more

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