manuphotoDr. Manu Chaudhary
(Indian journalist who hosting their own show on their own YouTube Channel. Channel name is – World 360 with Manu)

Copyright: @ 2022 Research Institute for European and American Studies ( Publication date: 4 June 2022

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I decided to contribute this analysis because I wish to have your swift seize going back to Russia and Ukraine war topic. We're almost three months into this war and I continue to be very pessimistic about where we are heading.

Over the last few weeks, the biggest headline, I think, has been the sinking of the Moskva and recapturing of Kharkov and opening of diplomacy as Indian Embassy will start working from 17th of this month. Coming to Moskva, it is Russia's carrier, its flagship of its Black Sea fleet. It is the worst naval combat loss that Russia has experienced since World War II at the hands of Ukraine, a country that doesn't even have a navy... Read more


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