Nikos Lygeros (PhD)


This was the first time in the Greek Parliament's history that the Greek Exclusive Economic Zone issue was mentioned straight and in relation with what should be done. Both the Government and opposition parties referred to it by the Prime Minister, and Ministers, party leaders and Members of the Parliament. This proves that we have, in fact, reached a point of political maturity allowing us to examine the EEZ proclamation Bill in this framework, too.

In other words, we now have to proceed to the technocratic level of the EEZ. We have already suggested as a model - to speak precisely – for the Greek EEZ proclamation the accordingly amended document on the 2004 proclamation of the EEZ of Cyprus.

In this way we give a palpable example, which has been serving for years now and is, of course, acceptable by the UNO. Thus, it becomes clear to all that neither do we seek for a risky proclamation, as non-experts of the issue claim, nor for a legal novelty. We closely follow the process provided by the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea, ratified by our country since 1995.

Greece has to follow this strategy, which should be presented to our partners in the European Union, as well as to other countries possessing know-how and technology, so that large-scale strategic ventures occur. For, the only one bearing this possibility is the EEZ.

Therefore, the proclamation Bill has to pass to the official stage to enable the Greek Parliament to vote for it. And prior to this voting all MPs should become deeply acquainted with the document to be able to express themselves fully aware and conscious, so that ostensibly political disputes, which are meaningless and pointless, will be avoided.

For, we consider that it is very significant this voting to give a strong majority message to all those Greeks who so fervently are waiting for this proclamation.

Whilst our homeland is under severe economic pressure, delaying this process regarding the bill on proclaiming the Greek EEZ, equates with a crime. We all now know that there is absolutely no excuse.

The proclamation of the Greek EEZ is an act taking place unilaterally according to the Law of the Sea. Everything depends absolutely upon us; the Greek people and the Deputies of the Greek Assembly.

This Assembly must be the one of the Greek EEZ. This capacity must become a reality. It has, in addition, gained a historic value which is perceived by all. Scarcely do politicians have to take historic decisions. Now this scarce time has come. It is by this that Greece will obtain a new role which would be the energy and geopolitical ones. The Bill on the proclamation of the Greek EEZ is the beginning of this historical era.

Note: The article is translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

Note: Click on to see:  “2012 - The Year of EEZ (in Greek)”


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