The ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty by the USA set on the table

Nikos Meletis

Copyright: Epikaira Magazine (31/05-06/2012)

Last week, during an uncommon joint appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta and the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, expressed their common support for the immediate ratification of the Law of the Sea treaty so that keen US strategic interests are protected. In doing so, the three distinguished witnesses articulated as well the interests of major US companies involved in searching for hydrocarbon deposits overseas, a project wholly supported by the Obama administration.

Daniel Little  
(RIEAS Senior Advisor)


In its purest form, the whole notion of ‘strategic judo’ is to use the momentum of a bigger, heavier opponent against them in self-defense.  This underlying premise contends that despite one’s size, those that are resolute, willing to learn and act decisively can gain the respect of those around them.  In terms of economics and international politics, one of the starkest examples of ‘strategic judo’ is unfolding in the Eastern Mediterranean.  In the past, power was blanketed through military alliances against the imposition of threat.  In other words, deterrence correlated directly with joining a coalition or a pact sponsored by a superpower.  This cohesive framework fostered a sense of avoidance by potentially larger, more bellicose countries. This example is somewhat different.   Following Israel’s lead and with the help of a few select companies and partnering countries, Greece, Cyprus and Israel will form a trio to become an energy powerhouse.  While not in the same league in size and strength as many of their neighbors, the combination posed by these three will certainly reverse their fortunes in ways wholly unanticipated.....  Read more  

Petros Makris-Kourkoulos
(RIEAS Research Associate and Energy Security Analyst)


In the mid-60s, John F. Kennedy stated the famous geography has made us neighbors, history has made us friends, economics has made us partners and necessity has made us allies having the flourishing US-Canadian alliance on his mind. Fifty years later, those words have a deep meaning for a newborn block in the East Mediterranean Sea. The potential “third energy corridor” is the most prominent ace up Europe’s sleeve to reshuffle and win the energy game, as for the Greece-Cyprus-Israel triangle to lead the sequence of the raising pots and eventually, to win a hard pot of poker.

George Protopapas
(RIEAS Media Analyst)


The tightening relations between Israel and Greece have been changing the geopolitical status quo of existing balance of power in Mediterranean Sea creating a regional powerful alliance on the fields of politics and defence. The official visit of Defence Minister of Israel Ehud Barak to Athens confirmed the dynamic of military agreement that had been recently signed by two states... Read more

Zenonas Tziarras
(PhD (Cand.) Politics & International Studies, University of Warwick, UK)


 Since the drillings at block 12 in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) for the finding of natural gas were announced a few months ago, a diplomatic crisis, which later became a real threat to the regional stability and security, begun to unfold. Israel and Greece are directly involved in Cyprus’ efforts to drill out its natural gas; the former because of the geographic proximity of its own underwater energy reserves to the Cypriot block, and the latter because of the common Turkish disputes it faces regarding its marine borders, the strong diplomatic and economic bonds it maintains with Cyprus, the economic benefits of exploiting its own underwater energy resources and the need to delimitate its own EEZ. 

In Memory of Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor.  A Great Traveler, Writer, World War II Resistance Fighter and Philhellene.  Antio Filedem:"The World and Greece is an orphan without you."
Nickolaos Mavromates
(Security Analyst-Historian)


Reading an article from Haaretz  about the Jewish minority of Finland  and their role of defending their frozen land against the Communist hordes of the Soviet Union,  I took the initiative to put in writing a similar piece but for a different country and with a different enemy in mind, and lastly with a less happy ending.  It is a story of a Greek lion equal to Achilles and Spartan king Leonidas but with Hebrew Romaniote roots that could be traced from the annals of Jewish Greek History.  Someone might ask how this is possible..... Read more

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