By Joseph Lerner
(Political Analyst)


On June 01, 2011 Business Insider published an article. Its headline was: "CIA Now Thinks Greece Military Coup Possible". Even if the CIA possessed sure information, this would be a risky prediction for Central Intelligence Agency to openly address in the media. There is hardly any evidence showing that the CIA has made such an announcement. Any intelligence analyst could notice the irregularity in this article. At one point the article reads:

“According to the CIA report, ongoing street protests in crisis-hit Greece could turn into escalated violence and a rebellion and the Greek government could lose control, said Bild. The newspaper said the CIA report talks of a possible military coup if the situation becomes more serious and uncontrolled." Business Insider, June 01, 2011, link:

These comments coming from Central Intelligence Agency seem very unusual and unlikely. It is true that Greece is suffering from economic crisis, so as the US, Spain and many other countries in the world. However, one could hardly believe that the CIA would present such a strong prediction about Greece, the birthplace of democracy.

The economists and financial analysts could study the facts and present various hypotheses. One of them could be: if the country's central banking and economic system were better structured, then Greece would have not been going through such a crisis as we are witnessing today. However, to question the integrity and loyalty of the Greek Generals and Commanders of the Armed Forces to Greece's Constitution and their country is a fatal mistake, that no analyst or agency with sound judgement and good faith would dare to propose as a possibility. This is why that is very unlikely that the CIA have made such an announcement. Furthermore, the following section of the article subjects it to scrutiny:

"You can read more details in the [Hürriyet] Daily News & Economic Review’s coverage of the recent CIA report on how a military coup is possible in Greece." Link:

The Hürriyet Daily News is a Turkish news agency that its HQ is in Istanbul, Turkey. The intelligence that Turkish media provides about the internal affairs and foreign policy of Greece, has rather more of a misinformation value than having a true intelligence value. It is imperative to know that except Hürriyet Daily News and some other obscure self-promoting and self-glorifying blogs, that mostly quoted Hürriyet Daily News as their source, there is no other credible media outlet that reported this news

Furthermore, there are no official statements coming from Central Intelligence Agency that are reported by any credible North American or European Union media. What are the chances that the world media would let such important news about "A Possible Military Coup D'etat In Greece" slide by and be unheard of, especially when the CIA is the source of the news?

The media in North America and European Union no matter how left-wing or thirsty for the news and headlines are, they are not going to publish something in such a calibre without a proper fact-check. The integrity, laws and accountability is what our North American and European Union media are driven by, be it even if they are usually unkind when dramatizing the news for their audiences.

Hürriyet Daily News is not being held accountable by the Turkish government in Ankara when spreading false news about the Greece's internal affairs and economic crisis. Furthermore, the Turkish government allowing this whole thing happen is hardly a shocking matter for any analyst whose area of focus is the geopolitics of the region.

The following are some facts to look into: a) Turkey is not an official member of the European Union. b) Greece is an official member of the EU. c) It was not even half a century ago that the Turkish Armed Forces in 1974 invaded Cyprus. d) Turkey perceives Greeks and Armenians who share similar Christian values the strong opposing forces as its neighbours. e) Turkey has been in total denial of the Armenian genocide during the First World War. All these facts are utilized by the Turkish media as the emotional communication tools to divert the attention of the world media and Turkish people from Turkey's internal economic and political crisis. This is the main reason that Hürriyet Daily News article about Greece has no intelligence value, but only shows the Turkish media being desperately in search of news that is bigger than Turkey's own internal economic crisis, high unemployment rate, and ongoing conflicts with its Kurdish population, etc.

The other fact that we need to be aware of is: Hürriyet Daily News published this article few days before Turkey's 2011 election. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey opened his second term's victory speech in June 2011 by stating:

“…from Paris to Toronto, from Tokyo to Vienna, …. those in Baghdad, Beyrout, Baku, Bosnia… etc.” Aljazeerah reported, link:

When a Turkish language speaker Prime Minister uses such rhetoric, between the lines, he is simply sending a message to his supporters and allies in Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna, Toronto, Baghdad, Beyrout, Baku, Bosnia, Kosova, etc. Prime Minister Erdogan's rhetoric suggests that he intends to influence the geopolitical and diplomatic behaviour of the other countries, through his alliances and supporters, in such a way that they would favour his administration and its international posturing.

For example: The Turkish organization based in Ottawa, Canada called “Council of Turkish Canadians” sent out a questionnaire to the candidates during Canada's 2011 federal election. The following is Council of Turkish Canadians' opening paragraph in the questionnaire:

"Council of Turkish Canadians (CTC) is an educational-advocacy organization for Canadians of Turkish descent. Approximately 100,000 Turkish Canadians and other Turkic ethnic citizens, who are politically conscious and active, will be casting ballots for Members of Parliament on May 2nd. To inform their political judgements, CTC is requesting that you respond to the following questions. Your responses will be made available to Turkish Canadians and other Turkic voters. Your cooperation would be welcomed."

This is an interesting phrase: "approximately 100,000 Turkish Canadians and other Trukic ethnic citizens". "Other Turkic ethnic citizens" means: Republic of Azerbaijanis, Chinese Uyghure Turkic speakers, Turkmenistanis, Iranian-Azarbaijani separatist and pan-Turkick elements, etc. This organization is stating that they represent the entire Trukic ethnic citizens in Canadian soil. How shall we interpret such a questionnaire from political, diplomatic and geopolitical points of views?

In section 2 of this questionnaire sent to the candidates during Canada's 2011 federal election Council of Turkish Canadians writes:

"2. The private members Bill M-380, which is about recognizing the events of 1915 in the
Ottoman Empire during WWI as “genocide,” passed in our Parliament in 2004. Furthermore, a one-sided reading of history based on the Armenian narrative has earned the unquestioned support of the Government of Canada, despite there being no legal decision nor a scholarly consensus on the issue. Bringing up the historical events of the past not only damages the normalization process between Turkey and Armenia, but also encourages the intimidation and vilification of Turkish Canadians.... What would be your position in this regard? Would you support a bill repealing Bill M-380? Would you support the reconciliation efforts of Turkey and Armenia?” Link for downloading the complete PDF file of this document

The Council of Turkish Canadians not only is denying the historic facts of the Armenian genocide during the First World War by Turkey, but also actively trying to influence the future Canadian MPs and lobbying the Canadian government to repeal the Bill M-380 that recognizes the Armenian genocide by Turkey during the WWI. How shall we interpret such a questionnaire from political, diplomatic and geopolitical points of views?

When Council of Turkish Canadians openly denies the historic facts and actively petitions the Canadian government to repeal the Bill M-380 that recognizes the Armenian genocide, then wouldn't Hürriyet Daily News try all its best to spread around false news about some possible “Military Coup D'etat” in Greece? Furthermore, wouldn't it be possible that Hürriyet Daily News would use Central Intelligence Agency's name in its article’s headline to attract more readers and traffics to its website?

As Western and Turkish media continued to cover Israel's loss of its only Muslim ally in the Middle East, Jerusalem was busy acquiring a new strategic partner, that of Greece, a NATO member and like Turkey with plenty of Middle East interests, Greece has shown interest in stepping into Turkey's shoes and investing in stronger military and intelligence ties with Israel.” The Jewish Chronicle, link:

The other dimension to look into is: Greece's strategic position when it comes to defending the Mediterranean Sea and international waters. The diplomatic relationship between Turkey and Israel is not favourable as it was prior to Prime Minister Erdogan’s administration taking over the government. The diplomatic tension between Israel and Turkey has been increasingly intensified after the Israeli-Turkish flotilla incident back in June 2010. Greece as a member of NATO and friend of Israel plays an important role in ensuring that the Mediterranean Sea and international waters in the region are safe guarded. This is why Hürriyet Daily News and other Turkish media outlets might try to spread negative news about Greece. Link to map of Greece:

Greece is going through difficult times. However, let's not forget that Greece is the birthplace of democracy. The academics, experts and scholars throughout the world, be it in North America, Australia, European Union, Israel, Brazil, Armenia or Russia, take Classics when studying Liberal Arts and Sciences. When studying Classics we all learn about the Greek philosophers. There is no thinker, analyst, innovative or creative mind in the world who is left untouched or uninfluenced by the Greek philosophers and their teachings. These are the facts. These are the reflections of the Greek spirit. These are the elements that make the Greek people tick and bring vitality to their lives. These are what the Cultural Assets of the Greeks are founded upon. For these reasons Greece will prevail, no matter how challenging the current economic crisis is.


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