Greece is going to come into the darkest times of its existence.  Anyone who believes that after the name issue is done all it is going to be fine, lives in a delusion.  After the Skopje issue is done, Greece is going to lose its diaspora because not one of us is going to work for Greek national issues anymore for as long as the Greeks vote for politicians and governments who sell Greek history, culture, and consequently territories to its neighbors. After the Skopje issue, Greece is going to actually lose control of Macedonia to the Slavs, Thrace to the Turks, and then, Epirus to the Albanians. The problem of the Greeks is that they forget easily while they do not know the psyche of their neighbors who want more. Perhaps the confusion of the definition of what constitutes nationalism and what patriotism creates the problem, but this is a problem that lies on the education in the Greek schools.  
Anyway, if one has to answer the question “why does Greece rush into ending the name row before Bush is out of office?” I think the answer is that Greece is not in a hurry.  It has become a tradition in Greek politics that when a party loses elections various dolphins, as they are known, challenge the losing party’s leader.  Dora seeing the last polls smells blood so she wants to present to the voters that she is THE one that ended the dispute after so many years feeding them with horse manure that from that point on Skopje and Athens are ready to fall in love. Dora does not care how the dispute will end because it is also tradition in Greece that politicians like Dora Bakoyanni, do not have to explain to the voters anything since they consider them irrelevant. Of course, this tradition is ending because of the internet and also Greek youth is better educated than their parents.  

Gruevski goes for the kill thinking that he could inflict more damage to Greece, but especially to Karamanlis who dared ignoring him.  Skopje having long memory will bite Greece like a scorpion every time it can. Getting the name Macedonia is the first step in a salami process toward the dreamed demise of Greece. The Slavs want to take revenge for all their perceived ills that the Greeks have caused to the "Macedonian" people since the deluge of Deukalion. Combining Dora’s logic with Gruevski’s intimate desire we get a very deleterious potion of internal and external danger that Greece cannot ignore. Adding to the above combination Papandreou’s ambition, the climate over Greece becomes bleaker, for the voters of the country will have nowhere to stand, no one to rely on. What a position for a country to be in!   
Thus to the question "why does Greece rush into ending the name row before Bush is out of office?" the answer is “only Dora rushes.” Greece and the Greek Diaspora with the Pan-Macedonian Association have spearheaded the fight against the Slavs. As for Dora, the Greeks should take the streets demonstrating against Dora demanding from the Prime Minister to oust Dora from her post and from their President to intervene; nothing less. The people of Greece have to take back what it is theirs, their dignity. The will of the people has to be heard because that is democracy.

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